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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hair Talk:: Waiting for a Relaxer

Hey Beauties... so its late, im sitting here thinking about my hair and how i have came such a long way from being dry and damaged to healthy and strong...locks of course lol. But i really have. So im not going to go into the history lol because then this will be a really long post...and im kinda sleepy right now. But anyhow, my last relaxer was in June and my next one is "due" in Sept...thats right around the corner..But im really thinking of skipping this relaxer and just doing it on my 2year hair anniversary in Dec of this year...hmmm...im thinking hard on this one...i dont want to see my results till then lol, its like saving a gift till its the right moment to open it but i know im going to get tempted. Im going to try...i think...i want to be BSL in dec...this will be the longest my hair has ever been...it use to be apl when i was little, grade school, early years. Im so happy to have the knowledge on how to care for my hair because now me having a daughter, i can care for her hair the right way, i know what products to use and not use, what oils and conditioners to use and of course heat free styles, i dont even think i will ever put a relaxer in her hair either, she will be natural, i will just have to learn how to style natural hair. I kinda wish i would have went natural when i started my hair journey back in dec 2008, because at least then i wouldn't have been losing any hair really lol, i started at neck length now im apl...touching bsl...so to cut off all this...*sighs* i dont think i can..

so...half wigs of course i will be doing..just got 2 brand new ones today in the mail, this will last me for like 2 months if that..i go thru these babies fast lol. =-)
UPDATE:: so the black tea rinse really does help, my hair feels so much stronger and i did my 2nd rinse yesterday, the shedding has decreased alot, i say by 97%. i love it..so i will be doing this like 1x a week until the shedding is 100% gone then ill do it 2xs a month. Also as you may know from previous post, im not taking Biotin no more because of the breakouts, so now im taking a children's complete vitamin and a vitamin c vitamin. In a few months i will be trying the fish oil vitamin and may start back up on Biotin but at a very very very low dosage (was taking 2500 mcgs, then 3000 mcgs when i switched brands =-/)

well beauties...im turning in, thanks for reading my blog as always and stay blessed=-)


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  1. This is a good issue to ponder. You can do natural and you can learn how to style it! It by far is the healthiest for your hair:)


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