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Monday, June 14, 2010

Homemade Sugar Scrubs?

Have you beauties ever tried body scrubs? I know many of you have, but how about homemade? If you noticed, you are prob paying high and getting very little product. Body Shop scrubs you get what...like a few ounces..egh. Carols daughter, few ounces for like $35..oooh nooo lol. I brought some aveeno and it was like 8 bucks...and i really didnt care for it. So i did some research online and i want to share with you my findings. Its really simple to make and the cost of these products are fairly cheap. They can be found at your local store/health store/natural foods store.

I plan on getting these products in the next few days and making it...cant wait.

Homemade Sugar Scrubs are suppose to leave your skin INCREDIBLY SOFT!! The natural alpha hydroxy acids exfoliates the skin. So you ask..what do i need?


~50% white cane sugar or brown sugar

~50% veggie glycerin to moisten the sugar or any other oil you prefer (do not use baby oil)

~you can use aloe vera gel, vitamin C or anything else that dissolves in water

~a few drops of essentail oil IF desired for smell..like lavendar, vanilla, etc

~if desired...ground hibiscus powder for Color

combine the ingredients in a bowl, put some of your yummy scrub onto your hand and message gently on your body, leave on for a couple mins, this will actually tighten up like a masque on your skin, after a few mins, rinse off and feel like a brand new beauty.

note* you can add honey if you find your scrub to be too dry

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