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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After 12 weeks... I made FULL APL!!

Heeeey Beauties!!
I'm such in a great beautiful mood!! I have finally made my June Goal of being full apl!! I'm soooo excited!! Thank you to all the kiss sistas with sharing so many useful tips!! If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have long HEALTHY flowing hair!!! Yay! Lol so enjoy the pics.. And remember YOU also could have healthy long hair with the correct knowledge :-)

My next relaxer will be in Sept and my Goal will be for Dec BSL!!!

Fresh relaxed wet hair

Blow dried (sorry for da quality iPhone pics)

Flat iron hair


Thumbs Up

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  1. Congrats your hair is beautiful I can't wait until mines grow back

  2. Loves it! So thick, lol@ the thuumps up.

  3. thank you @ viva...it will girl =-)

    thanks@ hair&beyond, lol, i was so excite i had to put the thumbs up ahahaha


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