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Monday, June 14, 2010

Goody Goods :-)

Hey Beauties!!

So I went to walmart today and I picked up a few things from the Goody line, I got the new Goody Spin Pin, I'm really excited to try these out. You get to pins in the pack and they cost about 6 bucks. On the box they give you three different styles you could do. I want to do a messy bun with these pins:-)

Then I got the Goody Pony Pouf and with this they give you two styles on the box you could do. You gather your hair at the base of your head and clip your hair in the pony pouf clip, once for thick hair and twice for fine hair then pull small portions of your hair through the pony pouf clip notches. This is great for those cute ponies with out breaking your hair with those crappy rubber bands!

Then I saw these cute little Goody Girls ponytailers chouchoux fleuris.. Cute little flower designs, pink- blue-white. 16 in a pack and range around 4bucks.. Can't wait to use these in my daughters hair :-)

What's your favorite Goody Product? Have you used any of these products.. If so, how did you like it?

Also here's some pics of my forever21 flower hairband

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