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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perlier Honey Bee Pamper Kit REVIEW

So beauties i have something that i highly recommend to you.... if you love body washes but you are sick and tired spending so much money trying new products and its leaving your skin dry and not moisturize...this product is a miracle in a bottle. i love this stuff. omg it left my skin feeling the softest ever and i mean ever. i have tried all the soaps and washes but my skin tend not to have that baby soft feeling after i get out the shower and the lotions i have went through...same thing. just a big disappointment.

you can get yours online from HSN the retail price is $56.75 and the hsn price is $39.85 plus $6.21 shipping. its kind of pricey but it really is worth it. i do suggest you use this body wash with a sponge of loft (is that what its called lol). the scent isnt that big on me though, smells like medicine in my opinion lol, but thats just me, they do have other scents like Jasmine, etc. i got the regular one, HONEY, they have honey orange and honey white.

this comes with the Honey Bath and Shower Cream 16.9oz- Honey Nurturing Body Balm 8.8oz- and the Honey Smoothing Hand Cream 3.3 oz (perfect to keep in your purse when your hands and feet get a lil dry looking lol, gotta stay beautiful =-)

This Product really really Moisturizes your skin, my skin feels so SILKY SMOOTH---LITERALLY!

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  1. Looks heavenly. :)
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