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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair Chat:: Pony Puff

This  has to be one of my FAVORITE  HEAT-FREE styles ever! Its simple to do and i love the results. Yesterday i washed my hair and deep conditioned, let air dry 90% with damp roots and set my hair on 10 pink flexi rods. Of coursed i moisturized and sealed before setting my hair on the rods, but i didn't use any setting lotion. I will redo the rollers tonight and wear it in a puff tomorrow. And Co-wash weds and do another Heat Free style. Next week ill be wearing my half wigs/lace fronts to protect my hair. I have a wedding to attend next month, so i will be using my heat pass and wearing it down BUT after that....no more of me wearing my hair out till DEC when i relax.

Im starting to get question alot, Why don't you wear your OWN hair...its so long? Well, because im still on my Hair Journey and i haven't met my final goal...i want to be FULL MID BACK LENGTH. My hair has NEVER been this long, and i just want to prove to myself that my hair could be ANY LENGTH i desire. I have learned what my hair likes and dislikes, what makes my hair strong and what makes my hair weak. I have gained alot of knowledge on this journey that i will continue to share with you all and pass along to my daughter. Im more so excited because i KNOW how to care for my baby girls hair, and her hair will always be STRONG AND HEALTHY...with a length SHE DESIRES =)!!!

Happy Hair Journey!!!




  1. I like pony puffs too but I usually wind up pinning it around to protect the ends.

  2. I love flexi-rods that allow for the cutest hairstyles! Cute look :)

  3. This style is soooo cute! I'm always saying I'm going to try flexi-rods, but they look a little intimidating to me. Do you have a tutorial on how to use flexis? I also totally agree with your hair philosophy. Protecting is the fastest and healthiest way to get to your goals. Blessings to you on getting there soon!

  4. Looks gorgeous hun... I need to dig out my flexi rods and do some heat free styles.

    Happy Hair Journey

    Maureen x


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