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Friday, September 2, 2011

1 Year Growth Comparison

So heres a quick picture comparison from a year ago. Just goes to show you that its good to take pictures and or video clips of your hair progress so you could look back on it and compare. I had no idea my hair growth was like this...lol...im shock. Im still on my journey though, i want to hit FBL... but i want some layers o_0 now...but i want to keep my length...i think i want to start with layers in the front to frame my face and maybe some in the back later on....

I want to try the CreaClip..have you heard of this or tried it?


  1. Definitely longer. It looks fuller in the before pic though. Either way, your hair is beautiful.

    I haven't had my straight in like forever! I miss it but am holding out through 2011 to achieve some more length :-)

  2. Okay Mylinda, I thought I had heard them all! What on earth is FBL??? Your hair looks great!


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