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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Childrens Hair Care...How To

Hey Beauties! So i get tons of questions on how i care for my daughters hair and i wanted to share with you ladies who are mothers or who knows ladies with children what i have learned. I'm going to tell you what i do and what you shouldn't do to your children's hair. I'm also going to share with you a few sites for children's hair styles as well =)

First thing to remember is be gentle with your daughters hair and don't over do it. You don't want styles that's too tight, this will not only be uncomfortable but it will break her hair off. Also you don't want to over do chemicals if your relaxing or put too much HEAT (THIS IS MAJOR).


You want your little girl to look beautiful of course but remember they are children, so keep it fun for them. I have three sites for you ladies to check out, I'm sure you will find tons of styles to try out on your princess. Remember don't do anything too tight!!!


Heat, Heat, HEAT!!! Please do not over do it on heat on your children's hair!! I cant stress this enough. Too much heat WILL CAUSE HEAT DAMAGE, resulting in dry brittle breaking hair. You wont see any length retained either =( ... what little girl doesn't want long hair?

Relaxers, my baby girl doesn't have one (still a baby), alot of people ask me will i ever relaxer her hair....No, i wont. But for the mothers who decided to relax their daughters hair please keep up with their relaxed hair. After you relax your hair, your hair is even more fragile and needs alot of care to prevent damaged hair. Just like your hair, you don't want to overlap relaxers. A good time frame to relax is between 10+ weeks. And you should ONLY relax NEW GROWTH  not the whole head from root to tip!  And make sure you keep her hair and ends moisturized and sealed!!!!!


1. Cut the heat down or out. Heat 1x a wk is too much, even every 2 wks is too much! Try to limit it to 1x a month, i guarantee if you do you will see a MAJOR difference in her hair (she will thank you for it). If you decide to use heat, use a HEAT PROTECTANT!!!!

2. Don't put her hair in tight hair styles, give her a style that is gentle and cute. If you are doing pony tails, rotate the pony tails to prevent stress on the hair. Also give her styles to protect her ends, like cute little buns and add a pretty flower for style.

3. Moisturize and Seal her hair daily, and don't block her hair pores with grease, you do not need to grease the scalp, this is only clogging the pores. Instead you can use a natural oil and do oil rinses. Find a good moisturizer that is Petroleum and Mineral Oil FREE. And seal with an oil, like coconut oil, sweet almond oil etc (do not use baby oil or Vaseline on her hair!).

4. Shampoo 1x a week and do Co-washes every other day, DC her hair as well.

The steps are very simple to follow, and if you do, I'm sure you will see amazing results on your little girls hair and she will be forever thankful that her mommy took the time, knowledge and dedication to ensure she has long, beautiful, strong healthy hair!!!

Hope this was helpful and as always stay Blessed



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