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Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Diva Things

Hey Beauties! I wanted to share with you ladies some beautiful items i received from ALL DIVA THINGS . This site has everything for your inner Diva needs, lol. They have beautiful jewelry and  handbags. The jewelry really looks one of a kind, its truly some well made pieces. You wont regret your purchase, look at the stuff i received.

I loooove this necklace, its such a beautiful spring/summer statement necklace that will add some beauty to any outfit you choose to wear with this. The detail is amazing and the quality of this necklace is great, the necklace is kinda heavy too.

These earrings are my favorite earrings in the world, i wore these to the Usher OMG Concert last month, these earrings will make a head turn in a split second lol. These earrings could be described in one word GORGEOUS!! These earrings are also heavy.

Isn't this bracelet cute...look at the detail

Another cute bracelet, the only thing is the inner part of the bracelet is fabric and it irritates my skin =(

Look at this beautiful purse...omg, you gotta love the color, this will make any boring outfit pop!

I love the handle...this purse isn't cheaply made at all, the quality is excellent

The inside of this purse has alot of room in the inside, its very deep and wide.

Also comes with a strap if you want to change it up...what a great idea.

Overall I'm pleased with the quality of these products and the prices on the site are very reasonable. They have alot of Trendy but yet different pieces then what you see on other sites and in the store. I will most deff buy from them in the near future especially for special occasions when i want my jewelry to stand out and for heads to turn. Make sure you check ALL DIVA THINGS out...you wont regret it Beauties..

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  1. OMG the earrings, the bracelets and the bag are sooo cute!!!


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