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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Word of The Day!

You have to show God you are ready for change by making a change. He can help you MORE if you are putting in effort. If you want a better life, then start living a better life. If you want your marriage to work out, then make a move and make it work out. If you want that big house, fill out the application. If you want to get closer to your children, then make a move...etc. God will help you, don't ever doubt him. Believe your life can be change by this time tomorrow...do you have the faith to believe it? Stand on your feet and say Lord i Believe in you and by this time tomorrow the stuff that was bothering me yesterday wont bother me tomorrow !!! Walk by faith not by sight! Receive him into your life...we shall receive, " i am healed, i am free, i have the victory!" God shall perform it today...Believe and you shall receive! Trust in the Lord...
I'm Blessed! I Believed! I Received!
God put his hands on me and changed my life...and he can do the same for you.
Stay Blessed
xoxo PureBeauty
remember your life can be changed by this time tomorrow..do you have the faith...believe...
He has made me GLAD!

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