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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Half Wigs Care

Hey Beauties, so i got requested to share some of my advice on how i maintain my half wigs so here it goes...lol
I have been wearing half wigs for almost 2 years since i started my hair journey. This is my main protective style, meaning i wear them to protect my own hair so i stay away from heat and damage, while i wear my hair under the wig, i always use a wig cap. I keep my hair moisturize and sealed as well, this is a must. But i love wigs so much, i really dont even think i would ever stop wearing them, i thought once i hit my goal, well 1 of my goals, of SL, i would stop..DIDNT..then APL, DIDNT, lol..now im on my way to BSL...and i think i MIGHT stop then...maybe...lol we will see. I just love the fact that i can change my style whenever i feel like it...
1. What do i look for when i buy my half wigs?
I look for how natural the hair is, some wigs are to shiny which is an obvious sign its a wig. I don't want it dull either, i like it to match my hair texture, which is number 4 and relaxed. I also stick with brands I'm familiar with, i have tried alot of different brands and the Main one i stick with is Sensationnel, this hair is very natural looking, not shiny, doesn't shed alot and it holds up forever with care. I have tried Outre, this brand is okay but it sheds alot and the hair only last for a couple weeks. Freetress is also an okay brand, it last longer than outre but it doesn't compare to sensationnel. Sensationnel is a wonderful brand if you're looking to getting your moneys worth.
2. Where do i store them?
I store them in its original bag after use, when I'm done wearing it for the day ill brush it out and carefully put it back in the bag. Now there are better ways to store them like on a wig head, but i have so many, it will take up a whole closet lol. So i store them in its bag and put them in a container in my bathroom closet. Make sure to always brush it or shake it out before storing them.
3. How do you care for your wigs?
In order to make you wigs last, don't use hair products on it. They have special wig products to use, but i don't use them. I keep my wigs very clean, when i wash them i place them in luke warm water with a little shampoo and swish it around then run some clean water on it to rinse it, never rub the hair because you can cause matting and damage it. Let it air dry, never blow dry it. By keeping your wigs clean and tangle free, you can see your unit lasting a long time. If not, it will only last a couple weeks.
4. Where do i order my wigs from?
I order them from Clairhair.com, they have the best deals and the shipping is very low. They have a wide range to choose from and i trust this site. I dont really get them from the beauty supply store because the are to expensive, online is way cheaper. Click HERE to go to clairhair.
I looooove my half wigs, its an accessory, like earrings or a bracelet. Remember Beauties, you make the hair, don't let the hair make you =-)
5. How to wear a Half Wig?
The key is to blend it with your own hair to make it look natural as possible, so if the wig hair is straight, make sure your hair is straight. If its curly then curl your hair with rollers or pin curl it, to blend. Sometimes you can get away without even curling your hair, most of the time i wet my hair and apply mouse and brush it over the wig and it blends well, this is during new growth time lol.
6. Sleep with your wigs?
I don't suggest you do this, you can mess up your wigs like this. Take it off at nite and put it in your bag or on a wig head. Make sure to always care for your own hair at night after you take the wig off, sometimes the wig cap can cause your hair to get dry so make sure to apply your favorite moisturizer and seal.
*Enjoy your Wigs Beauites*
xoxo PureBeauty


  1. thank you for these tips! i'm getting into wigs so i need all the help i can get : )

  2. youre welcome!! and ur gonna luv it =-))

  3. I use to wear half wigs until I crossed over to the full ones, so much easier sometimes lol


  4. Do you use synthetic and human hair from sensationnel?

  5. Yes i use both from sensationnel...this is my favorite brand.


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