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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smokey Eyes easy as 1-2-3s

Hey Beauties!!! Man i feel so lost without my IPhone, tell me why i let my daughter play with it inside the store and she dropped it, BAM!!! And i just recently took off my protector case that ran me $50 to prevent stuff like this from happening, bc this has happened with the case but it never broke, but i wanted the case off bc i liked how it felt without it, slim not bulky...and yes, she broke it =( i feel so lost lol, like seriously, this is how i usually check my emails, do my instant messenger, text of course, YouTube and even blog from...and i cant forget i play poker, my favorite game on it too...its been a hard week i tell you. But good news---I'm taking it to Apple this weekend in Chicago to get it replaced so ill be back to normal soon lol...now lets move on with this blog post...smokey eyes

Do you love the smokey eyes like i do...before it was just the black smokey eye that was popular but now you can choose from so many color combos of the smokey eye and create a look just for you...don't know how? well follow these basics...

What you will need:::

1. Primer (if you want your shadow to last all day)

2. 2 shadows of your choice, light and dark.

3. Makeup brushes, eyeshadow brush and blending brush

4. Eyeliner

5. Mascara

Time Required: 10 Min's


1. Prep your lid with a primer of choice. Let the primer dry before you continue on. This will help your eyeshadow last all day. I like Urban Decay Primer Potion and ELF primer.

2. Apply Eyeliner. If you are going for the dark smokey eyes like black or gray, then you are going to want to use a black or brown eyeliner. apply to top and bottom lash line and thicker in the upper middle. If you are going for a lighter smokey eye like purple or blue then use a purple or blue liner. (tip: best eyeliners, pencil eyeliner are great for smudging for a smokey look but it needs to be set with an eyeshadow to last, liquid liners are the best but takes time how to apply it flawlessly and gel eyeliners are the perfect balance between both pencil and liquid. MAC gel liner-Wet&Wild liquid liner-MAC power point pencil)

3. Blend in color on bottom lash line, for this you will want to use an eye pencil since its easier to smudge. Once you draw your line with the pencil, you can run your finger through it to smudge it out. Then run some shadow to get more of the smudge effect.

4. Apply a light base color. You can use a cream as your base for that extra smooth look. Sweep a light color over your lids to your brow bone.

5. Blend in darker color, but keep dark color below your crease. Since you already have your liner and base on, now its time to get smokey lol, get your darker shadow out. Using your eyeshadow brush, blend in color starting at your lash line, blending up! Make sure to blend color into the lash line so the eyeliner Disappears. Stop deep color at crease, the KEY is to BLEND-BLEND-BLEND!=)

6. Look over your creation and make sure both eyes match and use a q-tip to blend more if you need too.

7. Apply Mascara, you want to apply several coats of mascara here to make your lashes more dramatic and thicker looking. You can also curl your lashes to give it that extra curl. I prefer a heated eyelash curler for better results.


-When you are wearing such a dramatic look with makeup, i would suggest wearing a nude lip. You want your focus to be on either your eyes or your lips, not both.

-Don't have an eyeliner on hand, or just not the color you need, then dip your eyeliner brush in a little water to damp it and then use an eyeshadow of choice to make your new eyeliner. Also you don't have to damp your brush if you are using a dark shadow, its your choice.

So these are some tips i wanted to share with you beauties! Enjoy. Don't forget to check me out on YouTube HERE and subscribe =-)

PureBeauty---stay blessed!


  1. She dropped your iphone? Yikes!:D

    These are easy steps, thanks for sharing!:D

    Will check your youtube page after this!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. yes she did...lol. sad huh, lol! and youre so welcome and thank you

    xoxo purebeauty

  3. i lovvve smokey eyes. they are more wearable than people think. who does your fave smokey eye? gotta love kim k's i think : )

  4. i would have to agree with you Beauty, Kim Kardashian!!!=)

  5. I have a hard time accomplishing this look. Maybe because I can never get my eyeliner right with my curly eyelashes in the way? Idk..but it never it comes out like I want it to

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