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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Daughters Hair Care Regimen :UPDATE:

(pony puffs with curls brushed out)

Hello Beauties!!! I know alot of you have been requesting an updated regimen on my baby girls hair care regimen, so its finally here. Sorry it took me so long to post! This is everything i use on her hair, of course she is natural, and she will always remain a natural for the people that ask me =) ....BTW she is 2 years old.

My daughters hair texture is very very soft, I'm not sure what type she is, but i believe she is around a 3a or 3b.

These products pictured above are the products that i use to wash her hair with. I wash her hair 1x a week with the Argan Shampoo, then i condition it with the Argan conditioner. I use the olive oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo about every 6-7 weeks to remove build-up. I also use the Argan Oil on her hair after i moisturize. These products can be purchased from Sallys. Also, i cowash her hair 1x a week with a conditioner of choice.

The picture above are the other staple products in her regimen that works wonders on her hair. The Hawaiian Silky is an AMAZING MOISTURIZER on her natural curly hair. This is by far the best moisturizer i have ever found for her hair texture. This moisturizer keeps her curls so defined, soft, and shiny. I also love this product when i put pony tails in her hair.

After i apply the moisturizer, if I'm Not using the Argan Oil, i seal her hair with coconut oil. LOVE coconut oil. The Vital Serum i also use from time to time, just depending on what style I'm going for. The iC styling gel i use on her edges to lay her baby hair down, i use this mainly for her 2 ponytail styles, to keep her hair down in the front (also this gel contains NO ALCOHOL and doesn't Flake)...you know 2 year old girls love to mess their hair up lol =)

Also the brushes i use on her locks are the Tangle TEEZER, Denman Brush and a wide tooth comb (not pictured). My favorite brush however is the the Tangle Teezer, its more gentle on her hair IMO.

*H.Silky, TT, DB are from Sallys
*Coconut oil from Walmart (pure coconut oil)
*iC gel from Target
*Vital Serum could be found at any local BSS

This is a picture of her hair in pony twist =)

another pony picture =0)

You can see her texture hair, very soft and silky

Curly Puffs with the iC gel to define her curls with shrinkage

Hope this was helpful =)


PureBeauty and Aleena =)


  1. Thank you for this post. My little girl is 5 and I'm still looking to perfect her hair regimen. I currently use the Hawaiian Silky miracle spray on my own hair and love it...don't know why I haven't been using it on my daughter's hair. Her hair is more 4a and very thick. When I straighten her hair, it is ap length but it shrinks up to more SL length. I will probably try the Argan oil and conditioner. I will also start sharing the Hawaiian Silky with her too!

  2. Her hair looks so healthy and shiny. Your doing a great job!


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