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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kirk Franklin - Imagine Me

Wow, i have blogged alot today, i got some free time on my hands for a few hours so i decided to give my blog some attention and love =)

I wanted to share one of my favorite songs ever by Kirk Franklin- Imagine Me. This song literally brings tears to eyes every single time i hear it. I love it, i have posted this song a few times on my blog and i will continue to in the future.

Every word in this song .... is so great. This song is about letting go of everything that has hurt you and giving everything to God, some may find it hard to do, but i promise you when you do, you will be at Peace. You cant let people, situations, thoughts control you, God wants you to be at peace with everything....you just have to TRUST in GOD 100% to do so...he will do it, he has done it for me many times.

The reason i talk about God on my blog and post certain inspirational messages or songs is to help others out there. You never know who you might help and i believe God blesses all of us to bless others.

::God loves you and sees the Good in You. He sees what you are Becoming and will be and is not overly concerned about your faults. He knew all of them when He invited you to be in an intimate relationship with Him. All he wants is your love and willingness to GROW IN HIM::



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