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Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Chop!

Well if you follow me on Instagram  (mypurebeauty10) then you already know the big news... Yup I did it... I did the BIG CHOP!!!! Now if you have been with me since the beginning then you know I have had long relaxed hair, longest was bsl. Last year I went a year without relaxing bc I wanted to transition but ended up relaxing after 12 months... I know many may not understand.. I mean I should have just cut it then right? But hey after all it's just hair, it's my journey and at THE TIME I wasn't Ready. My last relaxer was about 8 weeks ago and I chopped it off yesterday ....

Today I will shave the remaining off... And the video will be live on New Years 2014 revealing my big chop and explaining everything from my emotions to whatever else you want to know. Hope you Beauties join me on this new Hair Journey, Natural Hair Journey that is :)!!


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