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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Russell Organics Argan Oil


Argan Oil from Russell Organics is 100% pure Argan Oil. Nothing else in the jar. The Russell Organics Argan Oil is the highest and purest quality Argan Oil available.
Hi Beauties! So i have a new fave thats added to my hair care regimen.  Its from Russell Organics and its the Russell Organics Argan Oil this oil is 100% ORGANIC, No additives. No fillers. No fragrance. No toxins. Just 100% Argan Oil. Which means...its even better for our hair!!! I love it. It leaves my hair super soft and the shine is amazing. I use a couple drops, start off on my ends and work my way up. Also after i get done washing my hair, i like to add a few drops through out my scalp. Another bonus about this oil is that you can use it on your skin...what more can you ask for.
To read more about this oil and to order your own bottle click HERE
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  1. I have tried this and I love it does make my hair feel softer too


  2. i also love 100% purest argan oil so much i buy my own from facebook ,purest argan oil and it works wonders with my hair and my body.its pure organic and it has improve my son,s dry skin n i love the natural lightly nutty scent


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