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Monday, July 11, 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

Hello Beauties! Recently i received some Face Masks from Montagne Jeunesse to try out and to share with you ladies. I received 7 different packs to use. I have only used 1 so far and i will update you on the others one as i go along. I have to say i am impressed, i was a bit nervous though lol. I dont like putting just anything on my face since my skin is sensitive and i turn red very easily. But that did not happen, my skin was very refreshed and it had a beautiful glow to it =)

Heres the 7 packs of Mask i received from Montagne Jeunesse

Fruit Smoothie: Pore Cleansing
Green Tea Peel Off: Detox and Pore Cleansing Masque
White Chocolate: Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque
Apricot Scrub: Deep Exfoliating and Ultra Cleansing
Skin Polisher: Anti Stress
Clean-Up Mud: Deep Cleansing and with ALOE Juice for Blemish prone skin

The one i used first is the Face Tonic. This is a Mask (fabric) you take right out the package, it already has the eye, nose, and mouth area out. You simply apply it to clean face for about 10 minutes, and relax. This mask is said to uplift and firm due to the plant collagen.

This Mask was very relaxing, i sat back with my eyes closed and let the mask do its magic lol. Afterwards my skin did appear a little tighter with a nice glow to it! I was pleased! I cant wait to try the other ones out!

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